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T TJ""Let the Music Take You"ust

"Just That"


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" Artifacts" came about when I got the idea to take some of my midi files from My 1986 Atari ST and import them into Digital Performer 5.13 on my iMac G5. The playing on the tracks was great but the sounds were indicative of the time period. This left them as artifacts lost in that time period. Importing them into Digital Performer 5.13 gave me access to much better virtual instruments. The drums are modfied REX files as well as the intro horns on the re-record of "Let the Music Take You." The guitar, soprano sax, and flute are analog instruments. The rest are vitual instruments played by me using guitar synth as a controller.



Guitar: David O'Suna

Sax/Flute: Richard Warner

Virtual piano: Ben Fleck

Horns: Funk City "Let the music Take You" Guitar synth horns: David O'Suna

Guitar synth horns: David O'Suna

Keys: David O'Suna

Guitar Synth Bass: David O'Suna

Synth: David O'Suna

Drums: Peter Erskin, Mark Walker, Joel Rosenblat, Mark O.T. Unicorn

Percussion: Mark O.T. Unicorn

Recorded, mixed and mastered The Ranch by David O'Suna

Track Names

Let the Music Take You

Just That Moment

Sean's Dilemma


Blue Lady

The World Is

On top of It

Monk Funk

The Khyber Pass


All songs are written by David O'Suna.

The cover art is by my daughter Rachel O'Suna

Cover Photo and Graphic Design by David O'Suna