Wayne Cockfield Duo Live

Bellevue Jazz Festival 1987

Third Stone From the Sun



I sent in a tape of myself playing both parts of the Conquistador Suite (Designs) and both parts of an acoustic version of the Pink Flamenco to the Bellevue Jazz festival committee. It was accepted and I asked Wayne Cockfield to play the other parts. We were scheduled to open the 3-day jazz festival outdoors in Robins Wood park in Bellevue WA. It was about 74 degrees when we started and it was about 60 and windy when we stopped. I remember thinking as we were playing "I don't remember these tunes being so hard to play!" When we finished I looked at my hands and they were bone white cold! Just two acoustic guitars was a lot of fun. I wrote Rick's Field and Henhouse (A Ttakeoff Of 3rd Stone From The Sun Solo Guitar) specifically for this festival as tribute to Jimi Hendrix.