The Metrognomes

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"Little Summer" by David O'Suna Live at Jazz Alley 1982


The Metrognomes started out as a way for Wayne Cockfield and myself to play some live jazz(1980). I secured a weekly night at the Pioneer Square Tavern (PST) in Seattle and we went about finding a band. We heard Jeff Fiorini at a Deems Tsutakawa gig in the International District. Jeff introduced us to Jack Klitzman who introduced us to Lars Larson. The next week we played without any rehearsals. Pull out the charts and go. Lars had to leave and Ken Deluge replaced him on drums. The PST let us play whatever we wanted. It was electric jazz. We played in several more jazz clubs in Seattle and the 1982 Bellevue Jazz Festival. Lars rejoined the band and we played Jazz Alley in 1982 and disbanded soon after.


Wayne Cockfield:Guitar

David O'Suna:Guitar

Jack Klitzman:Saxophone/Lyricon

Jeff Fiorini:Bass

Lars Larson:Drums

Ken Deluge:Drums

1982 Bellevue Jazz Festival Poster

1982 Bellevue Jazz Festival