Native Language



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" Native Language" is another project like "My Ardent Mind" where I played most of the parts. The horns on Mr. Tyler were modified REX files from Funk City as well as my guitar synth horns. The drums are modified REX files from Funk City, Mark Walker, Peter Erskin, and Drum Core. All other parts were played by myself using guitar synth as a controller.



Guitar: David O'Suna

Keys: (Guitar Synth) David O'Suna

Bass: (Guitar Synth) David O'Suna

Horns: (Guitar Synth) David O'Suna

Saxes: Scott Harper (Mr. Tyler)

Trombone: Bob Carson (Mr. Tyler)

Trumpet: Don Harris (Mr. Tyler)

Synth: David O'Suna

Horn Arr. Help: David Lamoreux (Angel)

Drums: Peter Erskin, Mark Walker, Joel Rosenblatt, Terry Bozio, Zoro

Drum Programming: David O'Suna

Percussion: David O'Suna Mark O.T. Unicorn

Recorded, mixed and mastered The Ranch by David O'Suna

Track Names

Mr Tyler

The Sweet Thing You Are

Native Language

Sing Your Song


A Happy Moment

Sweet Touch


Do You Think

Just a Little Hope


All songs are written by David O'Suna.

The cover art is by Miriam Guevara

Cover Photo and Graphic Design by David O'Suna