Songs for Wes



© 2007

Hear some cuts from "Songs for Wes"

My Latin Secret
Why Did You Leave


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"Songs for Wes" is my tribute to Wes Montgomery. I used to work next to a music store. On my breaks I would go over to the store and play the guitars. One day Gary the salesman said, "Hey Dave listen to this." it was the record "While We're Young" by Wes Montgomery. My life was forever changed by that moment. I have written many songs and thought these songs would sound very good in this style.

The players on the CD are:

Jeff Kashiwa: Saxophone

Nick Moore: Piano

Steve Kim: Bass

Don Dieterich: Drums, Percussion and Congas

David Lamoreux: Trumpet

David O'Suna: Guitar and Percussion


All songs are written by David O'Suna.

The cover art is by daughter Rachel Osuna