Studio Work


I loaded in just a few of the many sessions I have done. Each is slightly different. I was amazed at how few of the sessions I had copies of! If you're out there and have some I have worked on, send me an MP3.

Lindy Barrett

"Door to Door Man"


Warren Newton

"You Don't Know

About Love"

Deep Summer Purple

"Ode to Billie Joe"

Deep Summer Purple

"Love In Vain"


Deep Summer Purple

"Twisted Situation"

Deep Summer Purple


Wendy Mullen

"Don't Think Twice"

Gary Larson

"The Moosia"



"The Door to Door Man" written by Lindy Barrett

"Don't Think Twice" writtrn by Bob Dylan

"Ode to Billie Joe" written by Bobby Gentry

"Love in Vain"written by Robert Johnson

"You Don't Know About Love" written by Warren Newton, Mark Elder

"The Moosia" written by Gary Larson arr. by David O'Suna