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Art No Art

Jeff Fiorini: Bass

Warren Newton: Keyboards

David Lamoreux: Trumpet/Flugel Horn

Richard Warner: Saxophones/Flute

Don Diterich: Drums / Percussion

Jeff Hay: Trombone

Nick Moore: Keyboards

David O'Suna: Guitar/Guitar Synth

Nanda Trimis: Percussion

Eric De Cavaco: Percussion

Cover Art:Jo Ann Hill

Relased 1990 CD and Cassette


Art No Art Started out as a writers forum for a group of jazz musicians. We would meet after hours in the old Aurora Music building in the city of Shoreline WA. We eventually moved to a basement studio and then to a room at Kellogg Middle School, and sometimes at Shorecrest High School. After we accumulated enough material we voted on songs and proceeded to record at Basic Tracks Studio. This was a home studio in Warren Newton's duplex. We pooled together all our then brand new digital gear (1989) and set up the studio. The tape recorder was a Tascam 40-4 1/2 inch 8 track. We used 2 computers to store the midi tracks - an Atari ST1040 and a Mac plus. We mixed it down on what was then state-of-the-art Alesis 1622 mixer into a Toshiba dx900 VCR. (It had two digital tracks.) We endured floods, power surges, and a street demolition crew during this session.


Steve Rice on keyboardssm

Rich Cole on flute


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