Check out the tunes from the CD "ONE" by David O'Suna!"

© 2002

"Paradise Found" "The Tender Moment"

"ONE " is a solo guitar fingerstyle project recorded directly into my iMac computer using a Shure SN 57 Microphone. The software was Pro Tools Free by Digidesign and the USB digital interface was a USB 2 Mic pre-amp A/D converter DUO (Maudio) by Midiman. The cover art is a painting by Harry Clarke.

Here are a list of the songs on the CD.

1. Somewhere Over the Rainbow

2. The Shadow of Your Smile

3. The Tender Moment

4. When You Wish Upon a Star

5. When I Fall In Love

6. Paradise Found

7. Georgia

8. In My Life

9. Moonlight in Vermont

10. Little Martha

11. My Foolish Heart

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